Level: Intermediate – Upper Intermediate



Exercise 1

Write your answers to the questions & Study the vocabulary.


Q.1 Are you usually careful with money; or do you fritter it away?

to be careful with: to use wisely, to be sensible with

(NOTE: There are many different meanings for 'careful') Click here to view:

to fritter away (phrasal verb): to spend money frequently on unimportant/trivial things


Q.2 Do you know anyone who squanders/wastes money? (Answer in simple present)

to squander: not keeping money, spending on unnecessary things, opposite of careful spending.


Q.3 Have you ever splashed out on new furnishings or crockery for your home, when guests were coming? (Answer in past perfect)

To splash out (phrasal verb): to spend more than usual; e.g. I splashed out on on a new suit for my job interview. Crockery: china plates, cups, dishes.


Q.4 Do you know someone who has ran up a large debt. How did he/she pay it off? (Answer in simple past)

To run up: to accumulate quantity of costs not paid. Your debts and money you owe increase repeatedly. Their total cost gets higher, and higher.
To pay off: to pay the debt off (it is finished, payment is completed)


Q.5 Have you ever lent someone money because they were hard up/broke?

Hard up: to have very little money/not enough money


Q.6 How long did he/she take to settle/to clear his/her debt.

to settle something: to finalize, to pay money, pay your debt in full

(NOTE: There are many different situations for 'settle') Click here to view :


Q.7 Have you ever borrowed money from someone because you had foolishly overspent?

Overspent: spent more than you had

overdrawn: taken more money from the bank than was in your account

(NOTE: 'over' = too much, e.g. 'over-slept')


Q.8 Was it easy to pay back the money which you borrowed/owed?

pay back (phrasal verb): to return the money to the lender


Q.9 Have you ever had to raise money for a big project?


Q.10 Have you successfully saved up to buy an expensive item/product?


Q.11 Will you save up for something in the future?

to save up: (phrasal verb) saved a lot, or what you needed to buy something.


Q.12 Do you know anyone who is a 'gold-digger'!?

gold digger: someone looking for people with money. Sometimes through marriage,sometimes looking for a business partner with money.



Exercise 2

Some people say we live in a Consumer Society these days.
There is so much choice of products. The cost of living is increasing in many places.

'cost of living': the overall cost of general expenses and products we need to survive e.g. rent, electricity, water, food.

Have your circumstances been affected by the cost of living?
Are some people becoming Shop-aholics?
Has your cost of living increased over the last few years?
Is your bank account usually in the black, or in the red?
Have you ever used a moneylender?
If you lost your job, which products and services could you live without/go without?

shopaholic: someone who loves shopping/cannot stop themselves shopping (similar to 'alcoholic')
in the red: (phrase) - your bank account is overdrawn
in the black: (phrase) - money in your bank account
go without: (phrase) - live without, because of the high cost
circumstances: life situation/family costs/work



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Some English PROVERBS

A fool and his money are soon parted!

Take care of the pennies and the pounds (£GBP) will take care of themselves!

All that glitters is not gold!